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Healing The Planet - Starting with your Backyard
Intro to Dowsing & Earth Energies
OCTOBER 13-14 2018

Healing The Planet - Starting with your Backyard
Intro to Dowsing & Earth Energies
OCTOBER 20-21 2018
Glastonbury Area

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Talking with Gaia: Earth Healing Course
JAN 2019 Glastonbury Area

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Big Green Gathering Stone Circle ~ 2005
In the Spring of 2005, John Martinue and myself were asked to create a stone circle for the Big Green Gathering at their new site near Priddy in North Somerset. John had previously built one at the old BGG site at Pertwood farm near Warminster. I was keen to get this project going as my good friend Hugh Newman and myself were helping Martin Rayement co-ordinate the Earth Energies field at the Big Green in 2005. We felt it was only fitting that the Big Green had a Stone Circle for the new site and for the direction we were taking the earth energies field with top class information, presentations and speakers in the form of a mini conference in a field.
The main circle was layout as a flattened egg based on a 3,4,5 Pythagorean triangle, a design I had created after looking at the geometries of Long Meg and New Grange. This egg displayed some fractal qualities when expanded and is great at holding and augmenting energy, like many eggs (see below).
What is remarkable about this shape is that is circumference is almost the same as the corresponding circle of 9 units radius. This means the area is almost the same too. One of the things the ancients did was to use whole numbers which were sacred to them. Fractions took away the spirit and power of the measure. We know this from looking at other circles and temples from around the world. Whole numbers rule! In some way it may explain the use of eggs and ellipses in the design of stone circles. Trying to design things by getting as near as you can to a whole number. Circles are problematic in this regard as by there nature they are ratios (e.g. 22/7 is equivalent to Pi). But if you can approximate a circle or arc that implies the same well then you maintain your sacred whole numbers and can build your Holy temple.
Big Green Gathering 2005 - Building the Stone Circle
The stones were roughly between 1 and 2 tons each. We used levers and wooden rollers to move the stones. Pits were dug for size and shape of each stone about 2-3 feet deep.
Major Standstill Moon Rise stone going in Lammas Sunset During the Festival
Stone Circle Building Team (Thanks to them & many others @ BGG..)