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Healing The Planet - Starting with your Backyard
Intro to Dowsing & Earth Energies
OCTOBER 13-14 2018

Healing The Planet - Starting with your Backyard
Intro to Dowsing & Earth Energies
OCTOBER 20-21 2018
Glastonbury Area

NEW Training Course:
Talking with Gaia: Earth Healing Course
JAN 2019 Glastonbury Area

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Spirit Release / Ghost Busting
MySpace Picture Codes We grow up with tales of things that go bump in the night! Horror movies bombard us with images of scary spirits that torment the living and cause mayhem. Well nothing is sacred as far as the media goes. The truth is far different from the movies. Spirits don't generally try and hurt us, nor do they try to move physical things. There are exceptions but these are very rare indeed, and it is usually a cry for help more than anything else.

Most of us never experience a real haunting, even though spirits are around us quite often. Most are very benign, in fact the majority of us would not even know there were any "ghosts" at all!

So what is a Spirit / Ghost?
From my experience a spirit is a person who is stuck between realities after death. The boundary between Earth and Heaven (for want of a simple analogy). The reason for the stuckness varies emensly. It could be due to some trauma that stopped the person from moving on, or it maybe concern over living relatives or even a situation that remains unresolved. What ever the reason, it makes little difference to the help rendered to move the being to the next level of existence.

This is where a spiritual world view helps to understand things: Life after death, the journey of the soul, the astral plane, etc. A simplistic view that helps me is: 'Within Gods house are many mansions.' This means that there are many levels of existence, the here and now being just one. The levels above us are closer and closer to the Source of All or God. What these other levels are like we can only speculate, but many people claim to have had dreams or visions of them.

Bridging the Gap between Heaven and Earth
To release a spirit from the Earth plane it is necessary to bridge Heaven and Earth. This is where Angels come in. Archangels are beings on a level of existence that is very close to God. They are literally the 'Hands of God', and they respond to our intention to heal and help. In conjunction with our free will they can help trapped people's souls on to their next journey. But it is our free will that allows this bridge to occur. Without it they can do nothing - This is The Law of Free Will. We can use our free will for good or ill. When we choose to serve others we are surrounded by heavenly forces who also wish to serve the good.

Spirit Activity
Spirits cannot effect physical reality without energy coming from somewhere. Most so called psychic phenomena is caused by negative emotions (fear/anger) and negative earth energies (see the other sections of this site). Some of the more troubled people who have died cannot make the break because of their confused state. It is these that cause the most problems for people. But for the most part they cannot effect us unless we allow them to i.e. by giving them energy in the form of fear or anger. Then they are able to make noises, effect electrical things and sometimes move small things around.

Young children are very protected by angels and higher spirit beings. But often it is children that get effected by spirits because of their sensitivity, especially young adolescent teenagers, who tend to have a high level of psychic energy at that age. If children are scared then that is more energy for the troublesome spirit to use.

If we are able to be calm and remain positive we are deneighing any spirits their energy fix, and literally rendering them as harmless as a butterfly. It is us that give them a vehicle to effect the physical world, by themselves they can do nothing.

  Reality TV - Ghost Shows
Because spirits are people I find it very distasteful to use them for entertainment on TV. The majority of Ghost shows are literally using a persons distress for TV ratings! You would not go into an old pub because you heard some shouts for help and then leave the person trapped in the cellar! Sensitive people should know better.. Geomancers do know better!