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19th Jan 2015 Shaun was Interviewed recently on 'Its Rain Making Time!' The 45 minute Podcast Is here:
[The Spirit of The Land Matters]

Geomancy 2015: The Training Course

Introduction To Geomancy
Intro to Dowsing & Earth Energies
Feb/March 2015
Glastonbury Area


Nature Spirits
Working with elementals
Module 2
March 2015
Glastonbury Area


Geopathic Stress
& Technopathic Stress
Module 3

April 2015
Glastonbury Area

Workshops Available 2015
Have them run in your area!
In our every day lives we are bombarded with energy from many sources, but the one place we overlook is the Earth itself. The Earth has many energies; some beneficial and some that are harmful.
Geomancy is the art of Balancing, Clearing & Transforming Detrimental Energies in a Home or Landscape.
New Geomancy Training Course in March 2015:
What ever your experience in your home or work place, is there a nagging feeling that something is not right?

This could be anything from Under-ground Water, Earth Energy Lines, Spirits, Curses, Un-harmonic Technology, Past Trauma or Historical Events.

These problems can all be dealt with effectively by Geo-Repairman..

New Podcast 19th Jan 2015
Its Rain Making Time - An Interview with Shaun: The Spirit of The Land Matters ~ 48mins

Geomancy 2015 - New Introdution to Geomancy Course to in late Febuary/ March
Details TBA