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19th Jan 2015 Shaun was Interviewed recently on 'Its Rain Making Time!' The 45 minute Podcast Is here:
[The Spirit of The Land Matters]

Geomancy 2015: The Training Course

Introduction To Geomancy
Intro to Dowsing & Earth Energies
Feb/March 2015
Glastonbury Area


Nature Spirits
Working with elementals
Module 2
March 2015
Glastonbury Area


Geopathic Stress
& Technopathic Stress
Module 3

April 2015
Glastonbury Area

Workshops Available 2015
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Introduction Essential Skills & Earth Energies
Module 1
6-7 April 2013
Glastonbury Area
[Poster Here]

Nature Spirits & Angels
Know Your Gnomes
Module 2
20 - 21 April 2013
Glastonbury Area
Limited spaces
[Poster Here]


Click here for course flyers:

Geomancy 2013: The Full Download
From Beginner to Practitioner
Next Introduction Course Starts 6th April 2013

A Practical Geomancy course in Earth Healing and Sacred Space creation.

A course of 8 Weekend Modules & A 5-Day Intensive Training.
Plus on the job work experience with a teacher.

This is not to be missed for those interested in the authentic Art Of Geomancy.
This course has some of the leading lights in the field of Geomancy, Sacred space design, Psychic Etheric Geometries in Space, Building Harmonics and Energy Codes, and Working with Elementals, Angels, and the Spirit of Place.

Our Tutors this year are Christian Kyriacou, Shaun Kirwan and Patrick Macmanaway.
[See our Tutors page]

This Modular Course is designed to be a complete training for Geomancers, Earth Healers
and those interested in Sacred Sites and Earth Energies.
[Module Info..]
1. Essential Skills - Dowsing & Earth Energies
2. Nature Spirits & Angels
(Know your Gnomes)
3. Geopathic Stress
4. Pyschic Questing
5. Spirit Release
6. Harmonic Matrix of Space & Protection
7. Sacred Space design
8. Earth Grids
9. Geomancy Initiation: 5-Day Intensive
November 2013 - Optional Advanced Module: Geomancy With Nature
For more details of each module, dates and places please click here
Note: Accommodation & food is not included, light refreshments are. Details of local B&B's and other accommodation will be given upon booking.
Geomancy 2013 ~ Course Fees
Full Course fees if Booked in advance
For 8 Weekends if paid in full (option for 5-Day Training at £300)*
For 8 Weekends if paid with deposit of £300 (option for 5-Day Training at £320)
Full Course if paid in full (inc 5-Day Training)*
  *With pre-paid course fees any Additional Modules will cost £135 each.
  Course fees if Booked per module
£120 Introduction Module Only
£160 Per single Module (Complete all 8 Modules for 5-day at £360)
£135** Concession Rate Only Per single Module (Complete 8 Modules for 5-day at £340)
£400 5-Day Training only (Requires Modules 1,2 and 3)
  ** Concessions must provide proof or a letter of monthly income for low waged.
The Full Course consists of 8 weekends training, followed by a 5-Day intensive training. The 8 Weekends Training option does not include the 5-Day intensive training. Only people doing the Full Course will gain the option of work experience with one of our course tutors.

For Payment details or if you wish to discuss payment plans please contact:

All bookings are refundable minus a 5% administration charge, if you are dissatisfied with the course or are unable to attend. However, all sessions attended are non refundable.

For all interest in this Training Course please contact:

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